O2 Fitness Membership value (Updated 2022)

O2 Fitness could be a chain of gyms set in North and South Carolina. supported in 2003 by Michael Olander, the chain has since mature to sixteen clubs with additional on the way. They pride themselves on having an expert exercise setting with quality exercise equipment.

The membership cost for O2 Fitness starts at $45 and will increase supported the quantity of members enrolled. there’s conjointly a one-time signup fee of $30 and a yearly fee of $49 charged on the fifteenth of the month you initially enrolled. different fees are going to be more for service services and private coaching sessions.

If you wish to be told more concerning the ins and out of membership at O2 Fitness, keep reading. we’ll dive into the monthly costs, fees, benefits, and categories offered by O2 Fitness. So, let’s jump in!


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O2 Fitness Club Membership Cost

O2 Fitness is exclusive in how they value their membership. in contrast to different gyms, you’ll receive a reduction for the way several members are underneath identical membership. Bear in mind that these costs can vary by location and can embody a one-time enrollment fee of $30 unless you signup throughout a promotional amount wherever the fee is reduced or waived.

value also can vary by agreement type. A month-to-month membership can value quite sign language up for a annual agreement. The signup fees can also modification supported the contract type.
you’ll also notice deals sporadically on Groupon for discounts on sign-up fees and deals on paying in full. This valuation theme is superb} for larger families who all have gymnasium memberships and need to save lots of cash by grouping accounts together. Yes, this can be like a family phone plan!

The membership will value you $49 each year in annual fees. Most gyms charge these fees, so this is not unusual.

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