Garlic is a bulbous part of the small plant which resembles onion and has a pungent flavor. It is used as a condiment and flavoring agent in many cuisines. It is cooked, consumed raw or pickled. Though the flowers and the leaves of the plant are also edible, the moment someone says garlic, the white cloves with a spicy smell come to mind. Starting from garlic bread to the spicy side dishes, garlic is an important condiment in today’s kitchen.
Garlic has been used by the human race for thousands of years. There are historic evidences that it was in use in China, since 2000 BC. Starting from the Greek and the Roman soldiers to the Giza pyramids slaves of the Egyptians, garlic has been an integral part of history. It is very obvious that garlic has a lot of myths and folklore attached to it. If you believe in vampires (not the romantic ones from Twilight), you would know that rubbing garlic in keyholes, windows, chimney and other places and hanging strings of garlic outside the house are said to ward off vampires. Some cultures see garlic as an evil element. Some subcultures of Hinduism, Jainism and Islamic prohibit usage of garlic during the auspicious days or while offering prayers, as garlic is considered to increase the sense of pleasure and desire in humans, due to its aphrodisiac property.
Even if you do not believe in vampires, garlic would protect you from a lot of pathogens. It has vitamins, a lot of trace metals, fiber, selenium and many others. It has been used as an alternative medicine for many years. There are a lot of advantages in using garlic, on a daily basis.


There is a long list of medical conditions, which can be cured or prevented by using garlic. It is one of the medicines which Gaya (the Mother Earth) has prescribed to us. It is a very vital element according to the scientific researchers and according to superstitions. There is no doubt that if you consume garlic, it would provide you a lot of health benefits. Garlic is a super medicine, but there are no concrete scientific evidences to prove it. Why is it so? Why would a company spend millions and millions of dollars in learning about garlic, when they cannot even patent it? It is a waste of money, according to R&D departments, all over the world. However, there are minor researches done to learn more about the mystic clove.
You do not even have to eat it to derveive benefits. It is said that touching, smelling or rubbing garlic is also helpful. Remember the epic story of Odysseus, who saved himself by simply holding on to a string of garlic and thus, preventing from being turned into a pig. I agree it is superstitious or mythical or a folklore which would have the same effect as, Popeye the sailor man, had to influence children to eat spinach. However, there are many other recordings of just touching or smelling garlic, being good for your health. The slaves of Egypt gained most of their energy by eating garlic, leeks and onions. Are you a Viking fan? The Vikings and the Phoenicians carried a large quantity of garlic with them during their voyages to avoid outbreak of any diseases.



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